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SevenL Networks Inc.

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SevenL Networks Incorporated builds and maintains servers specifically designed for unique business functions. Their services lineup includes

Dedicated Server,
Virtual Private Server (VPS),
Managed Dedicated Server Hosting,
Management Services,
Web Hosting, Colocation,
Managed Colocation,
Data Center services,
Web Application Design and Development.

SevenL Networks is among the industry leaders and currently boasts over 200,000 different server flavors and complete customization. SevenL Networks operates out of it's data center in Toronto, Canada.
SevenL's data center is owned and operated exclusively by the company and is located in Toronto, Canada with direct fibre optic connections to Canada's premier data hotels. Providing facilities and server infrastructure for mission-critical online applications, websites and ecommerce companies, SevenL currently hosts approximately 5000 websites and other services on more than 200 servers.