Best Web Hosting Companies of 2019

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Are You Using Google’s Local Pack

According to Google, there’s been a drastic increase in local searches. In fact, the search engine found a 500 percent increase in the number of “near me” searches with either, “can I buy,” or, “to buy.” That’s a massive increase — and a monumental opportunity for local businesses.

Holiday Website Plan: Get Mobile-Ready and More

Your website is critical for the holiday season. Before making a purchase, 80 percent of shoppers search online.

How to Rank Your Business Higher on Google: 6 Ways to Earn More Clicks

With the number one position earning 33 percent of all traffic on Google, it’s essential that your business learns how to rank higher on Google. If not, you risk losing valuable leads and clients, which impacts your bottom line in big ways.

Google Algorithm Updates: A Walk Through the Zoo

Following its start more than 15 years ago, Google’s updated its algorithm dozens of times. While some updates went unnoticed, others made a monumental impact on search engine optimization (SEO). Ready to learn about the most impactful Google algorithm updates?


Top Seven WordPress Security Issues and How to Protect Against Them

Top Seven WordPress Security Issues and How to Protect Against Them

WordPress is the most popular publishing platform in the world. It runs over 24 percent of all websites worldwide. Since it’s an open source platform, the WordPress code is visible to everyone and because it powers so many websites, it has become a target for hackers.