Best Cloud Hosting for October 2023

As the cloud market continues to grow, individuals, small companies and enterprises are faced with several choices for cloud service providers. How do you decide which cloud platform to deploy? And how do cloud service providers differentiate themselves in a sea of options? Often, it comes down to cost, security and a solid, proven architecture in place.

Monthly Score: 99.58


#1 of Best Cloud Hosting of October 2023 - OvalHost is full scale web hosting service provider operated under IceNetworks Ltd. Which has nearly 10 years of experience in web hosting industry. Our goal is to provide fast and reliable hosting services to our customers worldwide. Being able to provide amazing technical support is one of our main focus. We are also spending a lot of resources on coding new technology and improving our existing services..

Monthly Score: 97.04

Name Hero

#2 of Best Cloud Hosting of October 2023 - NameHero offers blazing fast web hosting for businesses of all sizes backed 24x7x365 by Superhero Support. Regardless if you're a beginner launching your first website or an e-commerce business needing to serve hundreds of orders a day, we have a web hosting solution perfect for you!

Monthly Score: 95.25

Google Cloud Platform

#3 of Best Cloud Hosting of October 2023 - Google Cloud Platform lets you focus on what’s next for your business. Google Cloud Platform frees you from the overhead of managing infrastructure, provisioning servers and configuring networks. To let innovators innovate and let coders, well, just code.

Monthly Score: 93.59


#4 of Best Cloud Hosting of October 2023 - Cloudways helps you deploy 100+ Open Source applications on 15 Top Cloud Hosting Providers with an optional Fully Managed Cloud Solution to let you completely focus on your business.

Monthly Score: 90.51

Amazon Web Services

#5 of Best Cloud Hosting of October 2023 - Amazon Web Services (AWS) delivers a set of services that together form a reliable, scalable, and inexpensive computing platform “in the cloud”.

Monthly Score: 86.88

Hetzner Online

#6 of Best Cloud Hosting of October 2023 - Web hoster & data center operator | For more than 20 years we've made a name for ourself with our amazingly low prices, quality hardware, efficient data centers, and knowledgable customer support.

Monthly Score: 83.86


#7 of Best Cloud Hosting of October 2023 - BigRock is a leading provider of web-presence solutions to small businesses, professionals and individuals. We provide our clients a complete suite of products that help them establish & grow their online presence. Our product platform represents 10+ years of investment in technology R&D and powers over 6 million domains.

Monthly Score: 78.23


#8 of Best Cloud Hosting of October 2023 - ChemiCloud is not an average web hosting company. We’re a trusted and passionate team of specialists with asolid background and 10+ years of experience in the hosting industry.

Monthly Score: 76.57

Luna Node

#9 of Best Cloud Hosting of October 2023 - Scalable Toronto cloud server platform, with high-performance virtual machines, snapshots, block storage, and more.

Monthly Score: 73.13


#10 of Best Cloud Hosting of October 2023 - Exoscale is the leading Swiss/European cloud service provider. With services covering the full cloud infrastructure spectrum - from fast deploying virtual machines and S3 compatible object storage to a scalable kubernetes service and databases - Exoscale provides a simple and scalable experience in order to let its clients focus on their core business.